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{i%l} already exists else mv $i ${i%l} fi done Substitution Another kind of variable mangling y... n into a list of filenames (called "globbing") is done by the shell -- before the command is executed. T... result: for i in *.txt; do cp $i ${i%.txt}.bak; done ... obviously this is more typing. If you tried ... ion cp-pattern { for i in $1; do cp $i ${i%$1}$2; done ... but that doesn't work like most Unix users w
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() { #ls -l #sleep 1 # more elegant: watch -n 1 "ls -l" } while true; do list | grep $1 done </code> = chi`s home Creative Commons License Valid CSS Driven by DokuWiki do yourself a favour and use a real browser - get firefox!! Recent changes RSS feed Valid XHTML 1.0
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