Pachislo / Pachislot

Wenn Fehler E1 angezeigt wird (jedes Mal nach Jackpot):

  1. Öffnen
  2. Ausschalten
  3. Mit Schlüssel den Schalten innen (beim Netzteil) auf Reset-Stellung bringen
  4. Einschalten
  5. Jetzt steht auf 0
  6. Den Schalten (=Joystrick) betätigen und die Anzeige springt auf 1
  7. Schlüssel wieder auf Normalposition bringen. Fertig. Schließen (Ausschalten nicht nötig)


Setting the skill level of your Pachislo Slot Machine

To set the skill level on your machine, you will need to turn the machine off, locate the key that switches between normal operations and setup, this key will have a vertical (normal) and a horizonal position. Turn the key to the horizonal position and turn on the machine. On the front door you will see a small press switch. Sometimes it has a LED readout displaying numbers 1-6 and sometimes it doesn't. Occasionally the skill level is displayed on the machines front LED display if there is now LED readout by the switch. Press the switch and you should see the display change numbers from 1-6. The numbers indicated different payout percentages with 1 being the lowest and 6 being the highest. Once the LED shows the number of the level you want, press the toggle that you normally would to spin the machine. This will place the setting into memory. You can then turn the key to the normal play position to resume playing the slot machine.



10 Time Winning The probability of winning a Single Bonus increases 10 times. 3 Bets It is a state that 3 tokens are put in to play the machine. It gives the player maximum pay lines. There is little point in betting only 1 token since the winning probability becomes very low.

[3 Bet Only Machine] The machine that has to be put in 3 tokens to play the game. Most of the machines take 1 bet during the Bonus Games. 30 Pai Another name for Okislo. Since 30mm in diameter tokens are used in Okislo, it is called 30 pai.

Action It is shown on the LCD screen, or by lights or music to bring excitements to the game. Bonus Jackpot for pachislo machines. There are 3 types of bonuses, Big Bonus, Regular Bonus, and Single Bonus.

[Lock-In Bonus] Bonus flag is formed for that game and if the player does Mé-Oshi to win bonus, those symbols will most likely line up. Center Push Stopping the center reel first. It does not matter which reel to stop next. Chance Combination A combination of certain symbols that leads to bonus or AT (Assist Time).

Coin Selector A part that sorts out the tokens thrown in. It is located on the back of the door.

Common Order Push Stopping the reels from left → center → right.

Compound Probability Probability that BB probability and RB probability are added up. For example, if the BB probability of some machine was 1/200 at odds setting 6, and RB probability was 1/300, the compound probability would be 1/120.

Delay The game starting sound effect that normally follows immediately after the reel-spin knob is hit does not follow immediately. Usually it is an indication that rare Koyaku or bonus is going to come out.

Drum It is not a musical instrument. It is a cylindrical part that spins. Every pachislo machine has drums (reels), and some pachinko machines are also loaded with drum(s).

Flag At the moment the reel-spin knob is pushed to spin the reels, the machine decides if it is a winning game or not within its programming. When the flag is raised or flag formation is done, the game has won something. On the other hand, if the flag is not raised or formed, the game will not win anything.

[Flag Carry-Over Function] Same as Shift Flag Carry-Over. Ghost Another name for Regular Bonus.

Massive Payout Machine A pachislo machine whose average number of token payout is set higher than typical pachislo machines.

Hopper A device located inside of the pachislo machine that pays out tokens

Housing A chassis of pachislo machine. Most manufacturers change the front panels, reel strips, and ROM depending on the models, but they use the same chassis. It costs millions of dollars for the manufactures to make a new chassis.

Mé-oshi A technique for stopping the reels. The player aim at a certain symbols to stop by looking at the spinning reel.

Missed Other than winning.

Net Increase (Number of tokens inserted) - (number of tokens paid out). If the player inserts 3 tokens and wins 8 tokens, the net increase is 5 tokens.

Notice It is a function that the player is notified by lights or sound when the bonus flag is formed. If the bonus flag game is notified 100% of the times, it is called Complete Notice. Number of Ins Total number of tokens that the player puts in. It counts every bet that is played including the bet that used bet button and one token bet during the bonus games. Okislo Pachislo machines Okinawa version

Okinawa Pachislo A type of pachislo machine that is used mostly in Okinawa prefecture. It uses 30mm tokens instead of 25mm.

Old Man's Stroke When the player stops the reels without aiming at certain symbols, he/she is doing „Old Man's Stroke“. Exact opposite of Mé-oshi.

Pachislo A Japanese style slot machine. Since pachinko parlors have slot machines, it is called pachislo.

Paid-out Token Tokens that are paid out to the player. [Paid-out Token Ratio] Ratio of the number of tokens paid out to the number of tokens put in. If 1000 tokens were put in, and 1200 tokens were paid out, the paid-out token ratio would be 120%.

Panel Plastic boards that are fitted on the door. They are usually located on top of the reels, around the reels, and below the stop buttons.

Reachi Combination A Combination of certain symbols that comes out when the bonus flag is formed. If the player does Mé-oshi to hit certain symbols in the next game, the game will go into bonus.

Reel A device that revolves. A Drum. Approximately one revolution per minute or less. If it is not stopped within about 40 seconds, it will stop automatically.

[Reel Control] A programming that controls how the reels should stop.

Replay One of the yaku. The player gets to play the next game for free.

Renchan Bonus, AT, and other jackpots come out one after another.

Reverse Push Pushing the reel stop buttons from right??center??left. During BB on some machines, the machine navigates the player to stop the reels in this order.

Reverse Sandwich Push Pushing the reel stop buttons from right??left??center. Stopping the reels in this order is not recommended unless the player wants to avoid hitting certain symbols.

Sandwich Push Stopping the reels from left ?? right ?? center.

Setting Probability (odds) setting. Pachislo machine has 6 different settings, and the probability of bonus games and token pay out varies depending on the setting.

Shift During BB, the game shifts from Koyaku Game to JAC Game. Same as „JAC In“.

[Shift Flag Carry-Over] When Avoiding Replay is done, its Shift Flag is carried over.

Single Bonus One of the bonus games. The player gets to play it when certain symbols line up on the pay line.

Slide When a reel is about to stop at a certain symbol, the reel „slides“ to stop at a different symbol. When the player pushes the stop button, the reel does not stop at that moment and it stops 1 to 4 symbols after that symbol.

Slip Away A player misses a koyaku that can be lined up normally if he/she aims at a certain symbol.

Slump When the player cannot hit the jackpot. Also called as Hamari in Japanese. [Slump Chart] A line chart that indicates the frequency of jackpots (such as bonus) and slumps.

Small Winning (Koyaku) It is a sequence of symbols that pays out. Koyaku that does not payout but instead, it leads to Reachi Sequence or Chance Combination is called „0 (zero) token koyaku“.

Stock (ST) The function that accumulates bonus games within the machine. It creates bonus game Renchan by releasing the accumulated bonus games.

[Stock-Machine] Pachislo machines with Stock functions.

[Stock-Time] Games that accumulates bonus games on Black Jack 777 and Rio Chance on Super Black Jack. These games go on 33 to 777 games.

Tenpai Originally, it is a mah-jong terminology. It means one more move or hand till winning or jackpot. In pachislo, it is tenpai when 2 same symbols line up on the pay line, and the player needs to stop the last reel at the same symbol to get a jackpot.

Timing Stop The player does not do the Mé-oshi, but instead, he/she stops the reels based on the cycle of a certain symbol on the reels.

Token Used to play with pachislo machine. Most commonly used tokens are 25mm in diameter. Okislo uses 30mm tokens

Twin BB Two BB (Big Bonus) with different payouts.

Wait Waiting time between each game. One of the current regulations on the pachislo machine is one game needs to take at least 4.1 seconds.

Yaku A sequence of certain symbols that pays out.

Richtige Slot Machine / Einarmiger Bandit

Bally 1978 Serie 6000 'Classic'

Developed by Games of Nevada, marketed by Bally for special locations.

Public reception was poor, production short time


6809 5 coin multiplier 6831 3 line pay 6873 5 line pay 6890 3 coin multipier

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